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Easily Manage Your Digital Identity

A centralised portal to identify, access and reduce your personal information

The Mappd open beta test is officially open, please use the button below to gain access.


We provide the ability to locate the organisations that hold your personal data to understand if that data serves a purpose which is in your best interest and filter the organisations that hold it unnecessarily.


We provide automated access so that you can can easily obtain your personal data and manage how that data should be handled going forward to give you absolute control over what is ultimatley yours.


We provide the solution which enables the effective reduction of personal data to permanently remove your information from a company to reduce the risk of that data being involved in a breach.

Mappd’s Platform

Data protection designed for you

Mappd provides a centralised portal to enable our users in managing their digital identity by locating the organisations that hold their personal information and providing the means to access and obtain that information by granting our users the automated ability to exercise their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. By identifying where personal data is and understanding the purpose it serves, we can begin to reduce the amount of organisations that hold our personal data and reduce the risk of that information being maliciously obtained by fraudsters and criminals.

Our sophisticated management platform gives our users the ability to comprehend the reach of their online identity within an optimised and practical dashboard. Further more, we eliminate the difficult and manual processes currently in place for obtaining personal information and replace those processes with an automated and streamlined service.  

Our Team

Our founders are passionate about data protection, coming from a professional background and a personal victim of identity theft. We have set out to revolutionise and change how data protection is carried out and managed, always keeping the consumer in mind.

Harrison Mussell

Jamie Rodriguez

Our Partners


We are working hard to develop and build the Mappd platform, follow the latest blog updates for news, information and our journey.

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