Hartham Ln, Corsham SN13 0RP

Our Story

Our start to our future…

We believe people should be equipped with the proper tools to control their own stuff

Our names are Jamie Rodriguez and Harrison Mussell and together we represent Mappd – An acronym that stands for Managing And Protecting Personal Data. We believe people should have the ability to see where their personal information is and have a relativley unchallenged way to access and reduce it.

We also believe in full transparency across all aspects of politics, business and bureaucracy but we have observed the adverse affects from the vast amounts of personal information out there which creates a lack of genuine control for the average citizen and a lack of transparency. We have vowed to make a difference in this space.

Our Bio

Harrison – A security consultant who has advised national organisations on how they should protect their customer’s data. His philosophy is simple; Do what is morally right and companies shouldn’t have a problem processing personal data.

Jamie –  A victim of identity theft. Somebody had acquired his intimate and personal details and managed to gain access to his bank account to steal money. He was working on a previous venture before joining Harrison to tackle an issue he felt was of major concern.

We got together every weekend and hired office space to begin working on this project.

Idea stage

We started by getting all our ideas out and putting them on a whiteboard. Everything went on here from our potential users, the end to end journey and the architectural framework of the potential platform.


Our office became like a second home and we kept on working non-stop. What became a simple project had now turned into the early stages of a business. We just needed more time and some funding to go further.

Full time

We recieved an investment from Bethnal Green Ventures which meant we could concentrate on the business full time. We now work in out of our office in Wiltshire and the shared office with BGV in London.

BGV Spring 2018 Cohort

Working and bulding our business with 8 other companies in the ‘tech for good’ space really inspires and motivates us to continue growing.

Our Future

Our beta launch on the 25th May will give us valuable feedback from our users to understand them more and refine the product to fit their needs. Based on our feedback, we will keep making iterations to the product and be flexible enough to adapt.

We aim to become the central repository for all things personal data related.  So whether that means exercising rights under the GPDR, controlling your marketing prefrences from one location or even the ability to sell your own information, We’ve got it in the pipeline.

If you like our story, please get in touch. Send us an email at support@getmappd.co.uk